How to transform good intentions into great performance.

“This remarkable book will reshape your thinking about what kind of leadership produces positive, sustainable results–and develops your people in the process.” 


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Change-by-announcement, change-by-slogan, and certainly change-by-executive-decree are doomed to failure.

Effective change requires genuinely engaging the brains of the people expected to embrace and even champion the new state of affairs.

Effective change requires engaging people’s feelings—not merely making a business case for action, but making a compelling psychological case for action.

Effective change requires engaging people’s earnest hopes.

In this context, hope is not used as the verbal equivalent of crossing your fingers—“I hope my team wins the game.”

In this book, hope is used to denote people’s heartfelt aspirations, their dreams, even their sense of self. Any change effort that ignores or pays mere lip service to that kind of engagement is destined for disappointment.

A truly splendid book. Highly relevant. Tremendously insightful. Remarkably accessible. A user-friendly guide to help buffer the shock wave that often accompanies change.

Reading Rodger’s book is like chatting with a trusted and caring friend. Soak it up. Take notes. Follow through. You’ll get the awesome results you’ve been yearning for.

Rodger Dean Duncan’s CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP is a goldmine of actionable wisdom. I return to it time after time for great ideas on leadership, relationships, and how to manage change. With brilliant clarity and memorable real-world stories, Rodger provides a user-friendly guide for employing timeless principles to influence people in a world of constant transition. This is one of the best books I’ve read in many years.

Get out your highlighter and prepare to take notes. This book is a rare gem: entertaining, relevant, educational, and immensely practical.

CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP is both an eloquent manifesto and a practical guide for anyone who strives to create a high-performance workplace.


As a professional, you operate in a serious, no nonsense business environment. Your plate is always full. Expectations are high. The margin for error is slim.

With seemingly endless requirements from your stakeholders, you and your team sometimes feel like you’re pushing water uphill with a rake: lots of activity, frustratingly slow results. Your world is all about implementation.


After an early career as an award-winning journalist and university professor, Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan founded Duncan Worldwide in 1972 to serve the needs of organizations seeking to boost performance.

His client roster includes senior leaders at top companies in many industries as well as presidential cabinet officers in two White House administrations.

A highly-sought-after speaker, trainer, and executive coach, Rodger is widely known for his expertise in the strategic management of change – for individuals as well as for organizations. He keynotes many industry conferences and workshops related to human performance and organizational effectiveness.

In addition to his consulting practice, Rodger headed worldwide communication for Campbell Soup Company and was vice president of a global energy company. He’s also served on the faculties of three major universities.

Duncan Worldwide, now headquartered in the Kansas City, Missouri, metropolitan area, has affiliates around the globe. Top-selling author Stephen Covey called Rodger’s work on leadership “brilliantly insightful, inspiring – profound, yet user friendly – visionary, yet practical.”

Rodger earned a PhD in communication and organizational dynamics at Purdue University. The Duncan Report, his blog on leadership and organizational effectiveness, now reaches opt-in business subscribers in more than 150 countries. Rodger is also a frequent contributor to Fast Company and Forbes magazines.

Rodger is author of the internationally bestselling book CHANGE-friendly LEADERSHIP: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance.

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