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Industry Leaders Rely on Change-friendly Leadership

“Rodger deeply understands the change process. This gives him an insightful perspective into how to solve it, i.e., ‘how to engage people’s heads, hearts, and hopes.’ Rodger has created a user-friendly guide to help buffer the shock wave that often accompanies change.”

Change-friendly Leadership is both an eloquent manifesto and a practical guide for anyone who strives to create a high-performance workplace.”

“With brilliant clarity, Rodger shows how to employ timeless principles to influence people in a world of constant transition. One of the best books I’ve read in many years.”

“Succinct and accessible, Change-friendly Leadership is literally packed with wisdom. Rodger makes it easier to be a change-friendly leader because he’s the friend who guides you along the way.”

“Get out your highlighter and prepare to take notes. This book is a rare gem: entertaining, relevant, educational, and immensely practical.”

Change-friendly Leadership is profoundly practical in its approach to the most common challenges associated with change. Rodger provides tools we can all use to simplify human interactions. This makes us more likely to get great results—in relationships, teams, and across our organizations.”

Change-friendly Leadership is a powerful and convincing affirmation that effective leadership is not about title or position, but about values-based person-to-person behaviors.”

“With wisdom and insight, Change-friendly Leadership brings home the simple truth that people are as important as results.”

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